Management of Retinitis Pigmentosa via Platelet Rich Plasma or Combination with Electromagnetic Stimulation: Retrospective Analysis of One-year Results

This research investigates whether the natural progression rate of Retinitis pigmentosa can be reduced by applying subtenon autologous platelet-rich plasma alone or in combination with retinal electromagnetic stimulation, and it has been concluded that PRP can more effectively slow down photoreceptor loss when repeated as support injections and combined with retinal electromagnetic stimulation.

Management of Deep Retinal Capillary Ischemia by Electromagnetic Stimulation and Platelet-Rich Plasma: Preliminary Clinical Results

The study included 28 eyes of 17 patients aged 15-76 years (average 37.9 years) suffering from deep retinal capillary ischemia. Patients who had acute onset paracentral scotoma in the last 1 month were included in the study. The eyes were divided into three groups, Group 1 received only electromagnetic stimulation, Group 2 received electromagnetic stimulation…