T-LAB Enthusiastically Welcomed the New Year with a 90's Themed Party!

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T-LAB, 90’lar Partisiyle Yeni Yıla Coşkuyla Merhaba Dedi!

T-LAB welcomed 2024 with an energetic 'Hello' through the 90s-themed party it organized in the past days.

The company's valuable employees participated in this colorful event adorned in nostalgic 90s costumes. Timur Veysel Doğruok, the Founder and CEO of the company, kicked off the night with an impressive opening speech where he discussed the goals for 2024.

In this motivation-filled event, a strong synergy was formed among the team in the first month of 2024. The night, accompanied by 90s music, was crowned with small gifts reminding participants of the unforgettable moments of the 90s.

The T-LAB team, making a dynamic start to 2024, aims to achieve success after success this year as well. The company's culture of being a fun and strong team brings employees together and boosts their motivation.

T-LAB stands out not only in the world of Regenerative Medicine but also in the business world with its positive energy and success-oriented approach.