T-Biotechnology Ltd., was established in 2012 in Turkey with the aim of developing medical devices and cosmetic products in the field of regenerative medicine. As a result of having established its working principles on quality, trust and honesty, it has become a key player in this sector.

Aside from our very first brand “T-LAB”, we also manufacture 20 other different brands. We have become a global company trusted by local and foreign business partners in the regenerative medicine sector thanks to our value-added solutions and principles. We closely follow the industry and consistently stay in touch with professionals, bring changes and focus on the fundamentals of patient care.

We became the very first Turkish PRP system manufacturer in 2014 with our brand T-LAB and in 2020 we successfully developed and launched our Non-Enzymatic adipose tissue isolation device called Microlyzer which is CE certified under the related directive(s) of the European Union. We are active participants in local and international regenerative and adipose tissue therapeutics related congresses. T-LAB now has a both a strong local and global presence with a significant domestic network and distributors in more than 56 countries.

T-LAB improved the speed and quality of Service of its European operations in 2019 with the establishment of a new company in Slovakia, T-LAB s.r.o. thus strengthening its logistics network in Europe. In addition, “T-LAB” brand has been registered in more than 56 countries which is a great testament of its vision in the international arena.

Experience - 10 Years
Research & Development - 7 Years
Sales & Marketing - 8 Years
Regulatory - 8 Years
Manufacture - 6 Years
Bilimsel Araştırmalar

Scientific Research

Since 2012, T-LAB has been working with leading doctors and companies in Turkey and around the world on the use of blood and adipose tissues in tissue healing. By carrying reasearches both within its own laboratory and with world leading laboratories, it contributes to the development of scientific protocols and develops new medical devices by applying its acquired scientific knowledge.

In addition, every year it sponsors to contribute to scientific studies in its field, devoting 7% of its annual budget to this purpose.

Research & Development

T-LAB develops medical devices by combining its scientific experience with engineering to guarantee their uptakes into clinical use, therefore a thourough implementation science process is carried out  in order to optimize the impact of each device on public health before they are brought to the market. All processes of the devices from the design stage to the solid model, prototyping and performance tests are carried out within the scope of ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System.


CE & Regulation

T-LAB carries out all processes from file design to risk analysis, clinical evaluation reporting and performance testing with its quality experts. Following both CE certification and medical devices law of health department in other countries and regions such as FDA, MDSAP, EAC, KFDA, CFDA, SFDA, it certifies its products for sale in different territories. As part of continuous improvement, it prepares its staff for new regulations,  by providing regular training.


Our specialized industrial production line includes 2 ISO class 8 controlled environments where different operations such as  manufacture of plastic component, pet, PC and PP, vacuum tube filling and assembly, ultrasonic welding, blistering, siliconing, pad printing, washing, drying,production of polymer gel, dispensing, packaging  are carried out. Additionally,  ethylene oxide and steam sterilization processes are conducted within our plant. T-LAB cooperates with various trusted partners in Turkey and around the world for its supply of silicone, rubber and metal parts.


Sales & Marketing

T-LAB promotes the products it manufactures in Turkey as well as OEM products it has manufactured on its behalf within the framework of its agreements with world leading manufacturers at several international and domestic congresses. It regularly presents its products at numerous events such as Medica-Germany, AMWC-Monaco, IMCAS-France, EFORT-Spain, Kims-Korea, Dubai Derma – United Arab Emirates Congress/fair. In Turkey, T-LAB attends more than ten congresses related to Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Physical Therapy and Medical Aesthetics every year.


T-LAB provides its partners with trainings on the use of its products and the development of marketing strategy. In addition, we organize tailor made educational workshops conducted by our specialists for new users of the system to familiarize them with our protocols and techniques.