About Us

Since its establishment in 2012, T-LAB has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its competitors by making many breakthroughs in order to realize the firsts in its sector and has become a key player in the sector thanks to its working principles based on quality, trust and honesty. T-LAB, which started its journey in 2012 to develop medical devices and cosmetic products in the field of regenerative medicine in Türkiye, today carries out the production, marketing and sales of more than 20 different brands.

T-LAB has gained an international identity trusted by its business partners in the medical sector, thanks to the value-added solutions and principles it has created by following the industry closely. While all business processes are based on science and the latest technology, it aims to achieve the best possible result in treatments and focuses on this purpose. Thanks to this understanding, it has become the first choice of professionals with the innovations it has brought to the sector.

T-LAB takes firm steps towards success, became the first Turkish PRP kit manufacturer in 2014 with the T-LAB brand. In 2020, with the CE certificate under the European Union directive under the Microlyzer brand, it produced and launched the world's first mechanically mesenchymal stem cell rich stromal vascular fraction cell isolation device from adipose tissue. In addition, today T-LAB has a crucial local network as an active and leading Turkish participant in local and international congresses on regenerative and adipose tissue therapeutics.

T-LAB takes firm steps towards being the pioneer of change with regenerative medicine all over the world, also provides support to scientific publication processes in this field in which it is a professional. For this purpose, a global education platform focused on regenerative medicine was established in December 2021 under the name of T-LAB Academy, where physicians can share their scientific views and clinical practices. At the Academy, physicians are given webinars and hands-on courses on how to use the latest T-LAB’s state-of-the-art technology products effectively.

T-LAB has a strong global structure, is registered in more than 70 countries and strengthens its logistic network with its distributors in these countries and its subsidiary of T-LAB Regenerative Medicine GmbH in Germany, spreading its vision to the entire world with its corporate management, sustainability, and quality understanding the international standards. T-LAB will pursue adding value not only in its current industry and in all areas where it exists but also in the future.