T-LAB Aesthetics

T-LAB offers a comprehensive range of products designed to assist physicians in providing regenerative medicine and aesthetic treatments to their patients. T-LAB can be evaluated in two distinct categories by conducting studies on devices that provide regenerative treatment and the development of protocols using these devices.

The Aesthetics product category includes specialized products designed to make aesthetic procedures more efficient and reliable. T-LAB's aesthetic products are produced in accordance with high-quality standards, offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to achieve the best results. For aesthetics applications, which hold a significant position in regenerative medicine, T-LAB provides reliable solutions with a robust and effective range of medical devices.


Purposefully developed to achieve the highest PRP dosage and optimal results. Certified as a Class IIb medical device with a CE certificate. T-LAB PRP Kit offers a high platelet recovery rate, the best platelet dosage, and excellent purity.

The T-LAB PRP Kit streamlines the process of obtaining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) by providing all the necessary components in a single package, facilitating optimal time management for healthcare professionals. 

Microlyzer SVF Kit

Designed to isolate SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) cells rich in mesenchymal stem cells without using enzymes. Provides regenerative treatment by delivering injectable SVF cells rather than injectable fat. Microlyzer SVF Kit goes beyond mechanical effectiveness in regenerative treatments, using separated and concentrated cell groups for true regenerative therapy. The cell groups isolated with Microlyzer SVF are purified and concentrated, allowing for obtainment of countable cells in a pure and concentrated form.

Next PRP Syringe

Next PRP Syring appears as a 10 ml syringe but can transform into a tube with two simple movements. It is not only produced with T-LAB's superior quality but also holds a CE Class IIb certificate.


T-LAB PRX Tube allows injectable PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) without the use of chemical activators. Prevents platelet aggregation with its smooth structure, facilitating the obtaining of I-PRF. It presents an innovative protocol for obtaining clean A-PRF, making it easier to obtain clean fibrin tissue.

Lipomine Autologous Fat Kit

Lipomine Kit is used for autologous fat filling, providing a regenerative effect with a high SVF cell content . Includes all the materials needed for an expert.

Dermomine Micrograft Kit

Ensures a high cell count and viability during tissue collection and processing using Micro Graft Technology. Dermomine Micrograft Kit offers a system that can be used without the need for any device.

T-LAB Fine Micro Syringe

T-LAB Fine Micro Syringe provides precise and high-level dose control with its 32Gx8 mm thin tip and 0.5 ml volume. It prevents the risk of excessive dosage with its integrated needle and body, serving as 'Dose Saver' for valuable products like botulinum toxin and mesotherapy.

T-LAB NXT S-106 Centrifuge

The T-LAB NXT S-106 Centrifuge provides maximum stability, features a digital display and ensures high stability with RCF (G Force) and RPM modes. Additionally, its open rotor design contributes to a high cell recovery rate. It ensures maximum stability through controlled acceleration and deceleration technology, making it ideal for gel-free PRP, PRF, and SVF products. Moreover, its brushless motor technology ensures longevity and requires no maintenance, delivering both a prolonged operational lifespan and high performance.

These products, meeting T-LAB's high-quality standards and designed to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of aesthetic applications, are introduced to experts in regenerative medicine.

These T-LAB aesthetic products enhance aesthetic procedures, making them more effective, reliable, and patient-friendly, providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to achieve the best results. Additionally, these products are components of the significant advancements in regenerative medicine pioneered by T-LAB in Türkiye. They support experts in delivering improved and more positive outcomes to their patients.