Next PRP Şırınga

Next PRP

It looks like a 10 ml syringe with its improved structure. However, it turns into a tube with two simple movements. Thanks to its practical use, even products that you thought were easy in the past will be difficult to use. Thanks to this easy use, you also save time. Moreover, in all known PRP protocols, even I-PRF and A-PRF; is an expert in his field. It is produced in T-LAB quality and is CE Class IIb certified.

With Next PRP Syringe

It is now easier to obtain PRP and I-PRF!

With the help of a needle or butterfly set, blood is easily taken.

With its innovative design, plasma is obtained through centrifugation by switching to tube form. 

After obtaining the plasma, it easily becomes an injector to transfer it to another injector.

Platelet Recovery Rate

% 0

Platelet Dose

0 Billion


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"Taken from unbiased testing conducted by Dr. Jeremy Magalon in 2020."
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