An applied workshop was organized in collaboration with Çam and Sakura City Hospital Dermatology Polyclinic and T-LAB Academy!

Pine and Sakura City Hospital workshop

Çam ve Sakura Şehir Hastanesi Dermatoloji Polikliniği ile T-LAB Academy İşbirliğinde Uygulamalı Workshop Düzenlendi!

The Dermatology Department at Çam ve Sakura City Hospital, in collaboration with T-LAB Academy, successfully organized a Hands-on Workshop in which over 60 physicians attended on January 25th. Microlyzer SVF Kit, EXOMINE and DERMOMINE focused on innovations in the field of dermatology, providing valuable insights to the participants.

Physicians had the opportunity to explore the latest application techniques in the industry and discover the innovative products of T-LAB. We extend our gratitude to İrem Doğan, MD, Dermatology Specialist for her contribution to the organization of the course and to all the participating physicians.

The event's success was reaffirmed by the enthusiastic engagement and keen interest demonstrated by the participants. As T-LAB Academy, we remain committed to maintaining our pioneering position in the industry with the education and products we offer to healthcare professionals.