From R&D to Clinic: Cellular Products" Symposium by T-LAB Academy and GEN-KÖK

Cellular Products Symposium from R&D to Clinic by T-LAB Academy and GEN-KÖK

T-LAB Academy ve GEN-KÖK’ten “AR-GE’den Kliniğe Hücresel Ürünler Sempozyumu”

The "Research and Development to Clinic: Cellular Products Symposium" organized by T-LAB Academy and Erciyes University's GEN-KÖK Center, held at the GEN-KÖK Conference Hall on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, was successfully conducted with intensive participation from highly-skilled physicians. Moderated by Zeynep Burçin Gönen, DDS, PhD, Assoc. Prof., a member of the T-LAB Academy Scientific Board, the event concluded with great acclaim.

Prior to the symposium, Timur Veysel Doğruok, MBA, CEO and The Founder of T-LAB, delivered an inspiring speech titled "Entrepreneurial Journey" to members of the Erciyes University Stem-Dental Club. Zeynep Burçin Gönen, DDS, PhD, Assoc. Prof., received praise for her impressive presentation on stem cell research, while CEO Timur Veysel Doğruok discussed innovations in regenerative medicine and T-LAB's pioneering products.

T-LAB R&D Team Leader Nagihan Nizam, PhD Candidate, delivered two presentations on T-LAB products and technologies. At the conclusion of the symposium, Koray Kaplan, MBA, CC, Director of T-LAB Academy provided insights into T-LAB Academy through an online participation.

The event concluded with Gökmen Zararsız, MD, Prof., presenting a plaque to Timur Veysel Doğruok. Additionally, Zeynep Burçin Gönen, DDS, PhD, Assoc. Prof., was awarded with T-LAB Academy Scientific Board Member Certificate, and Nagihan Nizam received a plaque from Zeynep Burçin Gönen, DDS, PhD, Assoc. Prof., in recognition of her contributions.

The symposium was appreciated by both physicians and students interested in the fields of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy, presenting a notable opportunity for professionals within these fields.