How is PRP Application Performed in the Under-Eye Area?

Göz altı morluklarının tedavisi için PRP

Gözaltı Bölgesinde PRP Uygulaması Nasıl Gerçekleştirilir?

Due to genetic factors, diet, sleep pattern, alcohol/cigarette consumptions, and aging, issues such as increased pigmentation, wrinkles and swelling could be encountered. T-LAB PRP can be used for these problems. PRP is obtained by going through series of protocols from the patient's own blood and injected back into the patient without any additives. Since the injected PRP contains the patient's own cells, no side effects and allergies are observed. In addition, since the injection is made with sterile, one-time use needles as thin as a hair, it does not cause damage even in sensitive areas such as under-eye area. During the procedure, redness and slight bruising may occur due to multiple needle entries to the same area, but the redness will disappear within the same hour and the bruising will be disappearing within 2 days.

Because of sleep patterns, alcohol/cigarette consumption, aging, computer screen time and hormonal changes, increased pigmentation and bruises may occur. High platelet count of PRP is obtained by the T-LAB PRP Kit. Platelets containing growth factors settle in the area where they are applied through the circulatory system and stimulate the damaged tissues. As a result of these stimulations, the blood supply in the tissue increases and accordingly tissue repair and regeneration occurs. The skin is revitalized, shines and its elasticity increases.

 PRP is a method that shows its impact right away. In order to have more permanent and effective results in the treatment of bruises under the eyes, at least 4 sessions should be performed with 2 weeks intervals. Depending on the progress of the patient, the sessions can be repeated after 6 months if necessary. The area to be treated by PRP is locally anesthetized with a cream, and 4 or 13 mm needles as thin as a hair follicle are used during the injection phase of the prepared PRP. Because of the usage ghost needles; pain, suffering, and bleeding are also minimized.