İnsan Kaynakları

Our Recruitment, Selection and Placement System

The system that is based on the recruitment of personnel candidates who can provide the features needed in our business processes, as follows:

  • Determination of the need and personnel demand
  • Pre-selection
  • Job interviews
  • Reference interviews
  • Final decision and job offer
Job applications
T-LAB family is a company that ascribes importance to women's employment and aims to improve the life quality and working conditions of its employees at the highest level. While adding new members to its family, T-LAB aims to place the right employee in the right position at the right time, in line with the brand's strategies. We want to achieve new accomplishments in our rapidly growing sector and create the future together.

You can reach our company's open positions from the link below or ik@tlab.com.tr You can send your resume to e-mail address