On March 8, International Women's Day, T-LAB's Strong Women Gathered Together for a Meaningful Event

March 8, International Women's Day

8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü’nde T-LAB’ın Güçlü Kadınları Anlamlı Bir Etkinlikle Bir Araya Geldi

The March 8th International Women's Day Event started at T-LAB Factory with a training on Breast Cancer Awareness given by Prof. Dr. Şehsuvar Gökgöz. This training contributed to women feeling stronger and more conscious about health issues through knowledge and awareness. The critical role of early diagnosis in the fight against the disease was also discussed.

Following the training, T-LAB's female employees came together for a dinner to celebrate this special day. Gifts were presented and good conversations were held, emphasizing the value given to women's employment and labor.