Scientific Research

T-LAB has been working with the leading physicians and companies of Türkiye and the world on the use of blood and fat tissues for tissue healing since 2012. T-LAB contributes to the advancements of scientific protocols by working both with its own laboratory, the world's leading labs, and in the light of the scientific knowledge gained, develops new medical devices. Furthermore, as a Regenerative Medicine Company, provides sponsorship to contribute to scientific studies in its field and allocates 7% of its annual budget for this cause every year.


T-LAB provides local dealer and international distributor trainings to its valuable partners on how to use its products and to develop marketing plans in Türkiye and around the world. Additionally, T-LAB informs the physicians who are experts in their fields on how to use its products by organizing hands-on workshops. In December 2021, a global regenerative medicine education platform was established as T-LAB Academy, where physicians can share their scientific views and clinical applications. T-LAB Academy also organizes world-wide live webinars and hands-on workshops/courses locally and internationally for all the physicians, distributors, patients, and key opinion leaders on how to use T-LAB’s latest technology products effectively.


T-LAB manufactures and promotes its own high-quality products in Türkiye.
T-LAB regularly promotes its products in many organizations as well as key congresses/fairs/events such as MEDICA-Germany, AMWC-Monaco, IMCAS-France, EFORT-Spain, KIMES-Korea, and Dubai Derma-United Arab Emirates.

We attend more than ten congresses in the fields of Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Physiotherapy and Medical Aesthetics annually in Türkiye.

CE and Certification

T-LAB carries out all processes from design file to risk analysis, clinical evaluation reporting, and performance tests with its accomplished quality specialists. It certifies its products for sale in different countries by following both CE certification and certification processes of other countries and regions such as FDA, MDSAP, EAC, KFDA, CFDA, and SFDA. Within the scope of continuous improvement, T-LAB provides consistent training to its personnel and prepares them for new regulations and for the future.


T-LAB has 1 ISO 8, 4 ISO 7, and 1 ISO 6 clean rooms in a production area of 550 square meter. In these clean rooms, production of PET, PC and PP products by plastic injection, vacuum tube filling and assembly, ultrasonic welding, blister forming, siliconization, pad printing, washing, drying, polymer gel production, dosing, bagging, blister closure, packaging & labeling operations are made. In addition, it performs all of its ethylene oxide and steam sterilization processes in its own plant. T-LAB collaborates with its partners not only in Türkiye but also in many countries in the world for the production of silicone, rubber, and metal parts. It also works on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products shoulder to shoulder with its partners abroad and commences the marketing of many products with its own brand in Türkiye and the globe. .


T-LAB combines its scientific experience with engineering and develops medical devices that enable the easy use of scientific protocols in clinical settings. It performs all processes from the design state of the devices to the solid model, prototyping, and performance testing within the scope of ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System.