T-LAB Centrifuge S-106



T-LAB Centrifuge S-106 is specially designed to take regenerative medicine applications such as PRP, PRF and SVF to the highest levels. Moreover, it is much more economical and has a 4 times longer life than standard centrifuges.

It maximizes operation success with an increased platelet recovery rate of 30-50% more than fixed rotor centrifuges. Controlled acceleration and deceleration technology also provides maximum stability for Gel-Free PRP and PRF products.

Its perfect compliance with the T-LAB SVF protocol can increase cell concentration by up to 2 times compared to conventional centrifuges. With its perfect balance, it does not shake during stop. It does not mix concentrated valuable cells back into the plasma.

T-Lab Centrifuge S-106

Maximum Stability

With controlled acceleration and deceleration technology, gel-Free PRP, PRF and SVF products are provided maximum stability.
T-Lab Centrifuge S-106

Swing-out Rotor

It has a very high cell recovery rate thanks to its Swing-out rotor feature.
T-Lab Centrifuge S-106

Controlled Deceleration

With controlled acceleration and deceleration technology, which works more precisely and efficiently, it minimizes concentration losses that may occur during stop.
T-Lab Centrifuge S-106


Conventional swing rotor three times smaller than normal centrifuges takes up much less space with its structure and easily portable.
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It provides maximum heat control with its intelligent ventilation and motor technology, preventing blood from hemolizing.

* In regenerative applications such as PRP and SVF, it is very important that cells remain below body temperature. Blood hemolysis occur when the sample is exposed to temperature above the body’s, and in SVF applications, high temperature decreases cell viability. The extensive use of centrifuges, especially in hot weather, increases these possibilities.


Conventional swing rotor it’s so small compared to centrifuges, it is light and elegant that it is everywhere you may want to take.
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30-50% more platelet recovery rate

More efficient with brushless motor

With brushless motor technology, long life and maintenance free

* While the working life of ordinary Motors is no more than 3,000 hours, brushless motors can run for at least 10,000 hours. This significantly extends the product life. In addition, because brushless motors operate with much less friction, they provide much higher success in regenerative medicine applications where heat control is important, such as PRP, SVF.

Brushless Motor Comparing

Specifications and Advantages

Yüksek Stabilite

One touch RPM/RCF conversion & Highly accurate stable spin velocity

Dijital Gösterge

Digital display with speed and time setting

Altı Gode ile Çalışma İmkanı

6x10mL bucket size, unique 6 tube rotor design

Fırçasız Motor

Maintenance free, long life brushless DC motor

Kompakt Tasarım

39,5x34,5x17,5 cm, designed to save space

8 Kg Ağırlık

Easy to move, weighing only 8 kg

Yük Denge Uyarı Sistemi

Imbalance detection feature with auto cut off Safety

Hassas Dönüş Hızı Ayarı

10RPM steps setting

Yüksek Hız

Variable speed selection from 500 up to 4000 RPM/2270G

Güvenli Kapak Teknolojisi

Lid lock safety feature

99 Farklı Program

Set up to 99 different programs