PRP Application After Filling


Dolgu İşlemi Sonrası PRP Uygulaması

The first question of the patients who have been applied the filling process about the PRP application is the effect of PRP on the losing the volume of the filling. In order for the fillings to dissolve, special enzymes are needed to disrupt their activation. In order for the filler to dissolve completely, the procedures in which these enzymes are applied must be repeated several sessions. Therefore, PRP does not dissolve the filling. However, it has been observed that it reduces its permanence when applied afterwards. Therefore, it is recommended to do it beforehand.

To the point of application of PRP after filling, we can say the growth factors in PRP renew the tissues and increase the formation of collagen and fiber. For this reason, if it is done right before the filling, it allows the filling to settle in the area and increases its interaction. When done afterwards, it is not recommended as it reduces its persistency. If PRP is to be applied after the filling, it should be waited for the filling to settle in the area where it is applied. This period is at least 2 weeks.