Use of PRP in the Genital Area


PRP’nin Genital Bölgedeki Kullanımı

Due to aging, pregnancy, hormonal changes, epilation applications, hyperpigmentation, discoloration can be seen in the vulva, the external genital area. By containing growth factors and proteins, PRP increases the vitality of the tissues in the genital area and generates color lightening by regeneration.

In addition, the clitoris is a sensitive area holding thousands of nerves, and enough stimulation of these nerves leads to orgasm. The platelets in the PRP injected into the clitoris and the G-spot join the circulation, nourishing the nerves and increasing blood supply. Thus, the sensitivity of the area increases and orgasm occurs more easily.

The G-spot is the female pleasure point where delicacy and sensitivity are higher than other parts of the vagina. This is essential for female orgasm. By injecting PRP to the G-spot, it increases the sensitivity of the region; the process that intents to facilitate and increase orgasm is called G-Shot. This procedure is painless and simple, performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting.