Benefits of PRP Eye Drop Application

Göz altı morluklarının tedavisi için PRP

PRP Göz Damlası Uygulamasının Faydaları

In a dry eye, the patient's ocular surface tissue is damaged and the patient experiences a stinging sensation every time she/he blinks. Being rich in growth factors, cytokines, and albumin, PRP supports the healing of ocular tissue damage. This leads to improvement in the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. For dry eye treatment, PRP is made into a solution and applied to the eye topically. Hence, a moist environment is created. PRP eye drops not only act as a lubricant, but also provide the ocular surface with several essential nutrients found in human tears to help heal damaged corneal epithelium. PRP eye drops are a patient-specific and minimum-risk treatment with its autologous and additive-free features.

PRP eye drops are applied as 1 drop, 6 times a day. The treatment is repeated for 6 weeks and the course of the disease is followed by the physician. If deemed appropriate, the treatment can be continued by increasing the amount of application.