Kalite Politikamız

Our Quality Policy

Perform all stages of research and development processes from prototype to production for medical devices and cosmetic products used in the field of regenerative medicine,

Conduct relevant market research, taking into account patient needs and customer demands,

Closely monitor technology and scientific research,

Develop marketing and sales strategies,

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements according to targeted markets,

Maximize patient benefit and customer satisfaction with devices and protocols focused on achieving safe, effective, and prompt results,

Continuously improve production methods and quality management system,

Prioritize ensuring the health and safety of our patients first, followed by our employees, then our customers, suppliers, and company partners.

Prioritize environmental and ecological sustainability, showing respect for the environment and nature.

Pledge to safeguard with this quality system.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Timur Veysel DOĞRUOK