"From R&D to Clinic: Cellular Products" Symposium by T-LAB Academy and GEN-KÖK

"From R&D to Clinic: Cellular Products" Symposium by T-LAB Academy and GEN-KÖK

T-LAB Academy Canlı Web Semineri Hekimlerin Yüksek Katılımıyla Sona Erdi!

The live webinar hosted by T-LAB Academy on February 20, 2024, at 8:00 PM Türkiye time, concluded with a strong turnout from key physicians. With the Spectacular Presentations by Op. Dr. Orhan Alan, ENT Head & Neck Surgery, Osman Özgür Sabah, MD, Medical Aesthetics; participants gained valuable insights into Medical Aesthetics Skin and Hair Treatments.

This compelling webinar focused on T-LAB's innovative products, New Launch Exomine and The Highly Acclaimed Dermomine.

Exomine stands out as a groundbreaking product in treatment procedures, especially with its exosome-enriched content. Dermomine, on the other hand, delivers effective results in skin and hair treatments.

Participants had the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the applications, effects, and advantages of these two brands. Additionally, real cases and before & after photos were presented to illustrate how these products could bring rejuvenation in medical aesthetics.

The Live Webinar conducted by T-LAB Academy played a significant role in disseminating the latest developments in Regenerative Medicine to professionals and interested individuals alike. Attendees had the chance to explore new approaches in medical aesthetics by listening to the experiences and insights of expert speakers.

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