T-LAB at Dubai Derma: Innovative Steps in Regenerative Medicine

T-LAB, Dubai Derma'da Regeneratif Tıp Alanında Yenilikçi Adımlar (2)

T-LAB, Dubai Derma’da: Rejeneratif Tıp Alanında Yenilikçi Adımlar

T-LAB participated in Dubai Derma, one of the most prestigious events in the field of dermatology. At the event, T-LAB showcased its newest products Exomine (Autologous platelet-derived exosome-rich plasma) and Dermomine (Device-Free Fibroblast Micrografting Technology), attracting great interest.

Effective collaborations with top doctors and distributors from around the world were one of the highlights of the event. 

T-LAB officials gave the good news that they will return from Dubai Derma next year with more surprises. Thank you for the great interest and support shown for our products.