T-LAB S-106 Santrifüj

T-LAB Centrifuge


T-LAB Centrifuge S-106 is specially designed to take your regenerative medicine applications such as PRP, PRF and SVF to the highest levels. Moreover, it is much more economical with its 4 times longer life than standard centrifuges. It maximizes the success of the process with 30-50% higher platelet recovery rate than fixed rotor centrifuges. With its controlled acceleration and deceleration technology, it provides maximum stability for PRP and PRF products that do not use gel. Its excellent compliance with the T-LAB SVF protocol can increase cell concentration up to two times over conventional centrifuges. With its perfect balance, it does not shake while stopping. It does not mix the concentrated valuable cells back into the plasma.

Maximum Stability

With its controlled acceleration and deceleration technology, it provides maximum stability for gel-free PRP, PRF and SVF products.

Pop-up Rotor

It has a very high cell recovery rate thanks to its opening rotor feature.

Maximum Stability

With its controlled acceleration and deceleration technology that works more sensitively and efficiently, it minimizes the concentration losses that may occur during stopping.


With its three times smaller structure than conventional swing rotor centrifuges, it occupies much less space and can be easily transported.


With its smart ventilation and motor technology, it provides maximum temperature control and prevents blood from hemolysis.

It is very important for cells to stay below body temperature in regenerative applications such as PRP and SVF. At temperatures above body temperature, the blood undergoes hemolysis, and in SVF applications, there is a decrease in cell viability. The intensive use of centrifuges, especially in hot weather, increases this possibility.


30-50% higher platelet recovery rate

More efficient with Brushless Engine

It is long-lasting and maintenance-free with its brushless motor technology.

While the operating life of ordinary motors is at most 3,000 hours, brushless motors can operate for at least 10,000 hours. This extends the product life more than three times. In addition, since brushless motors work with much less friction, they provide much higher success in regenerative medicine applications where heat is important such as PRP and SVF.

Features and Benefits

High stability with RCF (G Force) and RPM mode

Digital Display

It allows different amount of tissue work with 6 pieces of 10ml gode capacity.

Long-lasting and maintenance-free with brushless motor technology

Compact design that takes up less space with dimensions of 39.5 x 34.5 x 17.5 cm

Easy to carry with 8 kg weight

Always safe with unbalanced load warning system

10RPM tuning precision

Acceleration up to 4,000RPM/2,270G

Safe cover technologySecure cover technology

99 different programs