Timur Veysel Doğruok, CEO of T-LAB, took the stage at TEDxGaziUniversity with his speech Patterns of Leadership

MediaCat Ekim ayı sayısında Şirket CEO’ muz Timur bey konuktu.

T-LAB CEO’su Timur Veysel Doğruok, TEDxGaziUniversity Liderliğin Desenleri Konuşmasıyla Sahnedeydi

On November 5, 2023, Timur Veysel Doğruok, The Founder and CEO of T-LAB, took the stage with his talk titled "Patterns of Leadership." during the TEDxGaziUniversity event, held at Gazi University, Ankara.
The theme of this year's TEDxGaziUniversity event was ''PATTERN.'' Joining 12 distinguished speakers, T-LAB and T-LAB Academy were ready to represent. 
On this impactful and enjoyable day, Timur Veysel Doğruok shared insights into the motivation behind establishing T-LAB, Türkiye's first Regenerative Medicine brand, and discussed team leadership and key pillars.
Following the talk, he engaged with the audiences, answering numerous questions in the event arena and sharing his wealth of knowledge.
We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the event.
Stay tuned for Timur Veysel Doğruok's talk, which will be available soon on our YouTube channel, T-LAB Academy, and other social media platforms.
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