Benefits of PRP Application in Spot Treatment


PRP Uygulamasının Leke Tedavisinde Faydaları

Skin damage may occur as a result of stains, injury, acne, exposure to sunlight, use of cosmetic products, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, and the use of some medications. Any trauma to the skin results in irregular healing and stain formation in the skin layers. This is because the new tissues heal in a defective model instead of the smooth, equal matrix of your original tissues. PRP improves the appearance of spots/stains by accelerating the healing process for better alignment of new fibers, smoother appearance of the skin, and color synchronization on the skin. In addition to restructuring collagen and elastin, PRP creates new blood vessels in the skin for improved blood circulation and faster healing. The regeneration process is accelerated by the formation of new blood vessels. Moreover, PRP injection can be applied together with methods such as mesotherapy and microneedling. Thus, a reduction in the appearance of the spot is observed.

PRP can be applied to heal the appearance of acne spots. PRP supports the growth of collagen and elasticity in the skin and stuff the skin layer, significantly eases acne spots and scars. For Acne spots, 4 sessions can be applied at 2-week intervals. Treatment interval will also depend on the severity of your acne spotting problem and your body's regenerative abilities. If the acne spots are more than the severity of the acne formation, the PRP sessions should be increased. Progress can be followed and the session intervals can be planned accordingly. Proper order and repetition determine the result in the treatment.

Sunspots are one of the most common damages to the skin. These spots are brown spots that appear on the skin when exposed to prolonged and frequent sunlight. The skin color of the patient, the rays coming from the sun that harm the skin, pregnancy, birth control drugs, drugs and creams used, and thyroid diseases can cause sunspots. First of all, the cause of their formation should be examined for the treatment of sunspots. Even with significant results in a treatment obtained, there is a possibility of reoccurrence of the spots unless the factors causing them is resolved. PRP is highly effective for the treatment of sunspots with its supporting impact on skin regeneration. By the growth factors contained in PRP, it boosts the cells to regenerate and ensures that the brown spots created by sunspots are matched with normal skin color. Number of Sessions can be increased depending on the severity of the spots.

The defining factor of the application session in the treatment of spots is the severity of them. The cause and seriousness of the spots should be evaluated. Whether the spot is an acne spot, sunspot, burn spot, when it occurs, and its depth are the influential factors for the number of sessions. 4 sessions of PRP can be performed at intervals of 2 weeks. According to the improvement observed with the result of the performed PRPs, the session intervals are tightened and the numbers are increased.