Yönetimin Mesajı


In 2012, we set forward to become a leader in our business and to create a brand that provides solutions for the needs that are sought in health services, whose production is limited and difficult to meet, and that increases the quality of life of patients by supporting conventional medicine. Today, we are both the market leader in Türkiye and a reliable business partner all around the world.

Our success today, with our integrated production capability, international vision, business processes shaped within the framework of sustainability, clinical and scientific studies, quality policy, fast and uncompromising adaptation to new generation technology, and different product groups, is not a coincidence. I would like to state that it is the outcome of a planned, organized, systematic, and disciplined effort. Our ever-growing volume, goals, and desire to produce, match exactly with our commitment to the goals we envisioned at the beginning of our journey.

T-LAB has beyond the times and international vision. As a result, the balance sheet and economic investment-based success criterias of 20 years ago are quite limited and useless for it.

Today, we want to underline the word success based on nature, people, technology, science, art, society, business partner, team, in short, all living factors. T-LAB, as a reflection of its industry, is a brand that is alive, living, existing, perfecting its existence with development, considering the values of the new world systematic, people and personal development-oriented, and loyal to its principles. Thanks to digital transformation, science-based business processes and business plans in line with the current conjuncture, our ability to predict the future is improving day by day, and we are moving our goals to the future.

In our world, which has been going through difficult processes such as pandemics, wars, and economic crises in recent years, we promise that we will continue to lead the way with exemplary projects with our sensitivity towards the society by maintaining our people focus, which is the basis of our rapid and powerful growth with firm steps in a short time. We will grow together, learn together, advance together, and produce together...

Timur Veysel DOĞRUOK

Dear Stakeholders, Family members of T-LAB and Our Esteemed Patients,

Health is the most significant and urgent need in the history of humanity, wherever it is in the world. The ability to meet the longest-term needs of the world and societies with the most appropriate solutions. T-LAB has achieved its current success with its corporate identity integrated with the most advanced technologies of the time, international level understanding of quality, maximum value to the science, and its people.

We are an international Turkish brand that is among the best-in-class in the world in the field of regenerative medicine. Thanks to our methods that shed light to the future and our structure aiming at ongoing development, we carry our target flag higher every year.

It is our main duty to serve the healthcare industry with our methods and products that comply with quality standards, focus on getting effective and fast results, and provide maximum benefit in treatment processes. With our respect for the environment & nature, our management, production policies, and the value we give to our people, T-LAB has become a brand ready for risks, innovations, and advancements.

At every stage of our business process, we objectively evaluate our managerial needs and aim for the best with the perfection model. We are on the way to sustainable success with the principles of trust, stability and people-oriented working principle, which is empowered, dynamic, and based on collaboration.

T-LAB aims to accurately identify the needs of the healthcare industry, to meet the expectations with the right methodologies, to provide services using up-to-date technology and prioritizes its sensitivity to human health in all business processes.

We will continue to produce for the whole world without compromising our principles as we move towards becoming a global company that drives change. I would like to thank all our stakeholders and employees who shared their efforts and reliance with us during this process.